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food intolerance & allergen testing 12th December 2018
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Food intolerance?

Some of your symptoms may be

Abdominal pain
Skin problems

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As a Vega practitioner, I can use this simple test to help identify which substances are causing problems.
Vega testing can also test for sensitivity to substances such as pollens and chemicals.

Before testing

You may or may not have some idea of the food or food groups that cause you a problem. However, it is really useful to keep a food diary for at least a week before your appointment

  • Note what you eat & drink
  • When you eat & drink
  • How you feel after you eat or drink
  • It is important that you drink plenty of water before, as testing is most effective when you are hydrated

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    Testing for intolerance

    The Vega Test method uses two hand electrodes – one the patient holds, the other is a testing “pen” used by the practitioner. Both electrodes are attached to the Vega machine.

    Vials of substances – food, drink, chemical etc – are put into the machine while the practitioner presses the testing pen onto an acupressure point on the patient’s hand.

    The response of the patient’s body to each substance is determined by change in electro-magnetic conductivity and shown on the machine’s voltage meter.

    Once problematic substances have been identified, we will discuss whether they need to be avoided, or whether combinations of foods may need to be changed or avoided.
    I will usually give a homeopathic remedy to help with the symptoms you are experiencing. It is useful that you keep a food diary for a month and note any changes, until the next appointment, when we will review.

    Always check with your GP if you have any concerns about your health

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    Fees for homeopathy and/or Vega testing

    First appointment approx 60 minutes

    adults 70.00
    children (under 14) - 50.00

    Follow up appointment approx 30 minutes

    adults 45.00
    children (under 14) - 35.00

    All fees are inclusive of remedies

    Should you need to cancel or change your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, there is a cancellation fee of 25

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