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I haven't felt so happy for years

Brenda came to see me with what her GP had diagnosed as IBS.
Her symptoms were bloating, flatulence, and urgent diarrhoea
when I have to go, I have to go
She had a lot of stress in her life and recently had a death in the family.
We spent just over an hour talking, and based on her symptoms and what she told me, I gave her homeopathic remedies to take home.

Her follow up appointment was four weeks later – when she walked into the clinic I didn’t recognise her. She had her hair cut into a shoulder length bob and was wearing a lovely summer dress.
I asked her how she was
I’ve lost 5lbs in weight, everything is more balanced.
I don’t go to bed feeling bloated.
I now have a natural appetite and am enjoying my food.
I feel so much better, I feel lighter.
If I need the loo I can hold on – the diarrhoea has gone.
I haven’t felt so happy for years

Brenda didn't need another appointment, but she knows she can come back to homeopathy at any time.

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I can smell my own breath, it's horrible!

Jay a nine year old boy came to see me with what he described as acid burps that smell like rotten eggs, and a yellow tongue
I can smell my own breath – it’s horrible

He was also suffering with stomach ache, flatulence and constipation.
This had been going on for a couple of years, and his GP said it was just something he had eaten.
Vega testing showed up sensitivity to wheat, milk, sugar and grass pollen
Jay was also suffering with growing pains in his legs – particularly his thighs at night. These pains were worse after exercising, often woke him and made him feel irritable and restless.

After remedies and some adjustments to his diet, Jay and his Mum came back to see me a month later;

I haven’t got a yellow tongue anymore! And no tummy pains at all, no pains when I go to the loo....I'm going regularly

I asked about his growing pains;
No leg pains – not even a bit. I’ve been doing so much exercise – hockey, karate, jiu jitsu, dancing

Within two days of taking the remedies all the symptoms disappeared
I’m very happy

Mum says
Selina came highly recommended from a friend. The whole process was very simple and she is very professional and easy to talk to and we are both thrilled with the outcome. Would definitely recommend homeopathy

homeopathy worked for me. pollen

Severe hayfever stopped her going out

My daughter is 14 years old, and for the past three years she has had an onset of a very severe allergic reaction. When the allergy first started, it was during the summer with only a few episodes of swelling of the eyes. It was treated effectively with antihistamine. It just appeared to be a mild symptom of hayfever.

The following summer, the symptoms worsened and the swelling had also extended from her eyes to lips. These episodes had increased, and was also accompanied by hives and a feeling of being unwell and heavy. During one episode her lip had swelled very badly, that she could not move her lips to talk, and had to go to hospital. These episodes would take approximately 2-3 days for the swelling to settle, and she had to take time out of school.

We saw an allergy specialist, who did various food tests, but the results were negative. She was prescribed antihistamine.

By the third year things had worsened further. The onset of the allergy would start with her feeling very tired and her limbs feeling very heavy. Her eyes and lips swelled like the previous year, but in addition the inside of her nostrils swelled. She was finding it harder to breathe. Again, this happened in the summer, particularly peaking from July onwards. She was taking more time off school and the antihistamine was making her feel very drowsy.

We put everything together and worked out that every time she went outside, the reaction would start up. She started to stay inside more, either to avoid the reaction or recovering from a flare up. It was hard for all of us, but thought there had to be an answer.

I found Selina Hatherley whilst searching for a homeopath online, and made an appointment for us to see her. I noticed that she did Vega testing, which I thought may lead us to some answers. My daughter was tested by Selina, which was an easy non invasive procedure . She was shown to have a reaction to a number of pollens and birch trees. The pollen and tree reaction, explained her allergy symptoms.

Selina prescribed her homeopathic remedies. Within a week, my daughter had taken her last antihistamine, which previously, she had taken daily and the dosage increased when she had a reaction. She has been free of any of the symptoms experienced from before. She had felt nervous about going out, because of how it would make her feel after. She is now going out to fields and meeting with friends and feels so much better and her confidence is coming back again.

We can only thank Selina so much for helping us, as it has made a huge difference to our lives.

All names have been changed to protect identity and permission has been given by all to tell their stories

homeopathy worked for me. supervision

Students and practitioners

Supervision is a necessary part of training, and an important part of ongoing practitioner development. I was lucky enough to have excellent supervision during my training, and still do now I am in practice. This positive experience has made me feel passionately that good supervision should not be down to luck, but something that every practitioner of homeopathy should be entitled to.

To discuss supervision as a student, for Society of Homeopaths registration, or as a practitioner please call me

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