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Homeopathy on the radio

13 April 2022

Homeopathy Awareness week
day 4

Today I had the pleasure of speaking about homeopathy on Voice of Islam UK's drive time show.

Keep listening after I have finished, it's an interesting conversation

link to podcast below

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Are you aware?

16 March 2022

6 April 2022 is Sustainable Healthcare day.
What does that mean?

The idea of sustainable healthcare day, is to start a conversation, and think about how our own health affects the world we live in.

We are becoming more and more aware of what we put into our bodies.
Pharmaceutical drugs are expensive to produce, wasteful and often toxic to the environment.
There are often side effects, which are countered by more drugs.

The NHS Business Services Authority published a report in 2019, showing that the cost of the prescriptions dispensed in the community in England was £9.08 billion. An increase of 2.81% (£248 million) from £8.83 billion in 2018*

It has been estimated £300 million of NHS prescribed medicines are wasted each year. A paper published in 2015 highlights the issue of pharmaceutical waste in the NHS**

Complementary medicine such as homeopathy, has a low carbon footprint, is cost effective to produce, and works with all living things.
Homeopathy is safe, gentle, effective, and has no side effects.

Sustainable Healthcare Awareness day is opportunity to start thinking about how we can each make a difference, by living a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle – healthy people means healthy planet



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The butterfly effect

1 March 2022
As well as being a homeopath, I am Vice Chair for the Society of Homeopaths, and proud to represent our members on the Board.

The Society’s Board is made up of six homeopath Directors, and three independent Directors, who each bring skills from other areas of business.
Being on the Board has given me a great view of homeopathy as a profession, and our position within British healthcare.

The Society of Homeopaths is one of 27 complementary, traditional and natural healthcare organisations, all members of the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC).
One of the things I do in my role as a Director, is to represent the Society at the IHC meetings.

IHC’s mission is to increase public access to these therapies, promote greater integration with conventional western medicine, and improve patient outcomes.

We are looking to have representation in parliament, by way of an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) who will advocate on behalf of complementary, traditional and natural therapies, for everyone.

IHC is making April 6 2022 Sustainable Healthcare Awareness day, and we are encouraging everyone to look at how, as individuals we can make a difference to improve and sustain our own health.

Conventional medicine is expensive and wasteful, and many people are unaware of how sustainable and cost effective, complementary, traditional and natural therapies are.

Look out for more information about Sustainable Healthcare Awareness day, and take a look at IHC’s website

If we can all make even the smallest sustainable changes, it will have a positive outcome.
Think of the butterfly effect…

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Community clinic

10 December 2021

Last week I drove into London for our monthly community clinic.

In 2017, after 72 people were tragically killed in the fire at Grenfell Tower, I was part of a group of therapists who regularly went to the local area, offering support for those suffering with the effects of shock and trauma.

Four years on, our support has evolved into a regular community clinic, and today we offer low cost complementary therapies to the men, women and children of the local neighbourhood.
We are always busy, with people dropping in for reflexology, acupuncture, and of course homeopathy.

The community centre is fully supportive of our work, and many of the staff regularly come to see us. There are regular health and wellbeing events – February will see a men’s health day, and we will be extremely busy, as attendance at these events is high.

During lockdown, we kept the clinic running on Zoom, and managed to see those who needed support.
A young woman writes of her experience of our online clinic;

It was good to have someone to talk to throughout all of this especially at a time when there were so many restrictions in place.
I was really down and having someone to open up to really helped. Along with the homeopathic remedies, and making a few changes in my thought processes and professional life, I am a lot happier

Our team of therapists are all volunteers. This sort of community work is not for everyone, but each of us value the experience, and the sense of team spirit we have working together.

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Helping yourself with homeopathy

26 November 2021

This week has been busy, both in clinic and online. I've seen people with all kinds of symptoms including skin rashes, a broken finger, and symptoms of the current virus.

I was delighted that two of the people I saw had their own Homeopathic remedy kits.
These kits contain the most common remedies to help the symptoms of acute illnesses such as colds, coughs, nosebleeds and minor injuries, along with a useful booklet to help choose your remedy.

One mum bought a kit because she didn’t want to keep going to the GP with every illness her child had. She said having a remedy kit gave her confidence to deal with minor acute illnesses. She said it gave her choice, and she felt in control

Homeopathic remedies work in a different way to conventional medicines, and can be safely taken alongside medication, without contraindications. Homeopathy is a popular choice as it is safe, gentle and has no side effects.

At this current time when our health services are so stretched, it is good to be able to have the choice about how we treat ourselves.

Give me a call to find out how you can use homeopathy at home.


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2021 SoH online conference

18 November 2021

I spent most of last Saturday and Sunday sitting on Zoom for the annual Society of Homeopaths conference. Our second year with an online conference, but amazing how a community of like minds can create such warmth and closeness, even though we are all sitting in our individual homes.

We had some amazing Homeopaths speaking to us from around the world, sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience. On both days, we had the opportunity to hear updates about the wonderful work done by our colleagues in homeopathy community clinics and charities.

During one afternoon, we got into smaller groups and went into ‘break out rooms’ (the wonder of technology) and were able to chat informally and catch up with each other.

Being a homeopath can be quite a lonely profession, as we are sole traders, and many homeopaths work from home rather than a clinic, so don’t get to see colleagues.

A lovely touch was the goodie box, sent out to all delegates, with tasty and useful gifts, kindly donated by sponsors. Thankfully we didn't need to use the Rescue Remedy or Stress Relief spray - though not so sure about those working hard behind the scenes!

An occasion like the Society conference gives us homeopaths an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas, and remind ourselves why we love our profession.

Roll on the 2022 conference – it has to be face to face!

Society of Homeopaths - UK's largest register of professional Homeopaths

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