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Hello, I'm Selina Hatherley RSHom registered homeopath, welcome to my website.

During this current health crisis, I have been doing all my consultations online - via Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp.
I'm very happy to say that from 12 April I will be back in clinic in Abingdon, Thame and Wallingford, and look forward to seeing patients old and new, in person.

I will be continuing with online consultations, so where ever you are in the world, you and your family can benefit from homeopathy at home.
Contact me for a free 10 minute chat.

I've updated my website with topical information, advice and coping strategies on the current health news page

As well as helping with any physical symptoms, homeopathy can also help you and your family with feelings of anxiety, fear and stress - all which are common at this extraordinary time

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, about the current health crisis?
See current health news for practical information, and how homeopathy can help

Homeopathy and me

My interest in homeopathy began when like many mothers, I wanted a gentle, safe and natural way of treating my children. I went from being a curious mother, to qualified professional homeopath.
In 2000 I began the four year homeopathy course at Purton House School of Homeopathy. Then a year after qualifying, completed the Orion post graduate course in advanced homeopathy with the Contemporary College of Homeopathy

I now work at at clinics in Thame, Wallingford and the new Kingsmoor Clinic in Kingston Bagpuize, near Abingdon, this means homeopathy and food intolerance testing is within easy reach of Abingdon, Aylesbury, Didcot, Oxford and Reading.
With communication making the world more accessible, I also offer long distance and overseas consultations via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.

As a homeopath in practice, I have been seeing more and more people with digestive problems - bloating, discomfort, IBS and food intolerance, often to wheat or dairy products. Testing for food intolerance can help identify substances which may be causing problems.

As well as running my clinics, I work with a team of therapists at SidebySide low cost clinic - supporting the community with complementary therapies in the Grenfell area of west London.

I supervise both student homeopaths and practitioners, and partake in regular continuing professional development.
As a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths – one of the largest organisations registering professional homeopaths in Europe - I abide by their
Code of Ethics and Practice, and am fully insured.
I am proud to represent my fellow member homeopaths, as Vice Chair for the Society of Homeopaths.

Homeopathy and you

People often ask whether homeopathy can help them with a particular condition - after previous diagnosis, here are some of the ailments people come to see a homeopath with;

  • Allergies including hayfever
  • Respiratory problems
  • Itching and skin eruptions
  • Menstrual and menopausal problems
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive ailments - IBS, food intolerance symptoms
  • Recurrent infections such as tonsilitis
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Grief and depression
  • Addictions and withdrawal symptoms
  • Eating disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • Children's health
  • Homeopathic treatment is invaluable in first aid and acute situations

    Have a look at how others have been helped with homeopathy - homeopathy worked for me

  • Food Intolerance and Allergen testing

    A simple test can help identify which substances are causing the intolerance and problems such as
    abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, IBS - testing for sensitivity to substances such as wheat, dairy, pollens and chemicals.
    click here food intolerance & allergen testing for more information

    Always check with your GP or health professional if you have any concerns about your health

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